Java devs, what do you do at work..?

I'm curious. I'm not one... yet, but all I can think of is to do some frontend stuff, by either collaborating with frontend people, then configure some framework, then code some servlets to handle requests sent by the frontend. Or in other words, typical MVC stuff. What do you guys actually do?



  • 6 days ago

Need help!

We put together a small team of freelancers. We are going to create a platform for uploading divorce forms. Looks like this resource, a small site with blog pages

Our team will include 12 people. It will not be convenient to use messengers for team communication. We will need to set tasks and keep track of their deadlines. What is the best program to use? It will be ideal if it is free.



  • 2 months ago

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  • 2 years ago

I do all my important work which I have to do and complete all the tasks through which it's beneficial for our company or organization.


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