Why you need Mobile Apps for your current Business Website

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Owning a website is not sufficient these days. Though everybody is enjoying cheap internet and watching their favorite video on Netflix, why should you left behind! It's estimated that around 78% of smartphone users have an android phone; some have more than one android device. So, turning your website into an android app is an intelligent idea. Here is why!


Why should you?


User count:

Using the download numbers of your android app from any market, you can estimate your potential user count and also able to estimate how much sales figure will come as a profit in your next financial year


Easy access:

Now anyone who can download your app can easily access it via their smartphones. Think this way- typing your website url on the browsers address bar is a little bit problematic. You have to invest thousands of dollars in seo process, thus your website can reach among the top result. Whereas, an android app is simply the best way to reach your customars.



An android app is very customizable and using the gesture feature of the smartphone, you can make the navigation easy through the app. Also, you may add additional offers for the app user. It's simply a business strategy!



Though we are now using 4G speed and running towards 5G, but sometimes a website may load slowly due to several technical issues, like - network speed, server location, website design, etc. Any slow responsive website is a dead end. The solution is an android app, that loads much faster than any website.


Offline access:

Because the app will be stored on the smartphone's memory, so you can store necessary files for offline use of your customers. That way the loading time will be also decreased and the user can also use your app without an internet connection.


Easy notification:

For any business and any kind of websites, informing their customers/ users/buyers about their new offer is to show that on the home page on the new offer section. But, if you create an android app, then your users can be notified by using push notification on the smartphone. because the apps always run on phones background, sending a notification is very smooth with this process.


More acceptable:

83% of users always keep their smartphone everywhere they go. So, the android app will be more acceptable by any user of your website. As an example, you may use Facebook on your smartphone's Chrome browser, but you choose to use Facebook from their official app. Why? because the app is fast, can store offline photos, videos, runs smoothly, etc. Any app is more pleasant to use than its website relevantly.


Better use of device resources:

Modern smartphones have many new features like- camera, gps, accelerometer, contact list, etc. If your app design utilizes the resources, then you will get an impressive app, that will blow your user mind. They will also love to interact with the app. This thing you will never expect from any website.



Your apps security can be increased by using smartphones face-unlock, fingerprint unlocks, password protection, etc. You and your user will feel safer using the app, rather than just the website.


Significantly, smartphone users spent more time with their phones, rather than their friends and family. It's a sad fact. But this sad moment can bring profit for your business and website. Invest and turn your website into an android app, and enjoy! We are offering Affordable Apps Development Solution.