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Why SMTP Is Important Then Server Default Mailing System?


The SMTP or 'Simple mail transfer protocol' is a basic way for email sending. It's first introduced in 1982, and the last update came in 2008. Without properly configuring it, sending emails from a website is impossible. Today, we discuss- Why SMTP Is Important than server default Mailing system.



Superior Technology: It is an essential technology for sending and receiving emails that we always use. The SMTP helps to send out emails and it uses the domain name in the receiver’s email address to properly connect to the receiver’s email-server. Any professional SMTP will make sure the sending rate will not fall as it should for any free email providers.


Effortless Configuration: Once setup, you never have to worry about any problem. 98% of the time it works correctly. Unless you transfer the website to a new domain and did not configure the SMTP server with it properly. The 2% problem may be caused by the ISP you are using. The dynamic ISP setup also causes trouble. The paid SMPT server will work with all primary email clients or software. It's straightforward to configure the server and if you encounter any problems, you will have 24x7 customer service waiting for your call or email.


Security Point: The SMTP as mobile can not be used in different mobile devices like iPhone, Android, Blackberry,  smart tv, raspberry pi, etc. It's tough to configure and access any of these devices, that use public wifi or shared internet. This is to add extra security for the emails that are transmitted via SMTP servers on these devices.


SMTP Professional Service: The SMTP professional service offers many tools to analyze the email marketing campaigns. Using this, you will get a useful set of data like- open rate,  click-through rate, bounce rate, etc. Normally, the SMTP server is very useful in email marketing and keep communication with your clients.


Dedicated Outgoing SMTP Server: These are paid SMTP servers who can offer you sending emails in bulk. They allow you to send endless emails assuring you get the best email delivery rate. They also offer you a dedicated IP for the mail server. They will not get filtered by the spam or ISP blocking. You also know that some email provider like Gmail sometimes blocks emails from Nigeria for a higher rate of email scams that are named as '419 scams'.


Considerable Price: They should have a competitive price, that you can use to compare and buy as per your need. They also offer custom plans, that will meet your requirements.


Way Of Communication: If you want precise interaction with your clients and potential future customers, sending emails through the website is the best idea. This way, you can send deals, new offers, new product information to them effortlessly.


Customer Support: If you encounter any issue with the SMPT server or any technical issue, any better, dedicated SMTP server will give you 24x7 customer support to assist you. All the emails you send via the SMPT server are received by the proper inboxes, are also matter to solve and they will quickly offer you the resolve thus your website will run correctly.


Now, you know, why SMTP Is important than the server's default Mailing system. Paying some extra will bring benefits in the long run for your website and your business eventually.