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Why Laravel Is Best PHP Framework & Why We Work With Laravel Only?


Significantly, Laravel is one of the strongest Frameworks from the open-source PHP. Though there are many Frameworks are available in the market to work, but the Laravel is the best choice for work. Today, we will discuss- Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework!


Modulation: Modulation is one of Laravel's best properties, using that the developer can separate or recombine the system components. This is useful for multi-app design by splitting the logic into several parts then combine it later.


Object-Oriented Approach: Another advantage of Laravel is the Object-Oriented Approach to the problem. The Controller-based architecture and the well understandable syntax make it a true object-oriented framework.


Authentication: Surely, Authentication is an essential part of any website or application. For that reason, developers use more time to code the authentication part. But the Laravel offers ready-made configuration presets for the Authorization system and Authentication. Adding a few prewritten command into your web application will not take any effort or time when you are working on a Laravel framework.


Simple To Develop: Using this, any type of application can be created. Small or big, it does not matter, it can be done by either using controllers or by route declarations. The Laravel framework will offer the developers a suitable working space with flexible syntax and other factors. Creating an enterprise-based application will just a matter of time!


Multiple File System Support: The Laravel framework has built-in Multiple File System support including cloud storage systems. Some of them are- Rack space Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, etc. Because the API for the system remains unchanged, so the shift between different storage types is straightforward. It can be used as a distributed environment where an application draws files from different server types and locations.


Caching: The Laravel uses caching technology, thus the file access time can be reduced. It's like a ram for a computer that holds files while different system operations. Using this caching technology, the applications made with Laravel and became considerably faster and more responsive than other web applications.


Class Dependencies Management: The Larales IoC is a strong way of managing class dependencies. This is one of the most used features of Laravel.


Templating Engine: The Laravel has an inbuilt Blade Template Engine. The templating engine combines multiple templates and provides a realtime result with speed, reliability, views, etc. They are doing this by changing the templates into PHP code. All the Blade templates use the .blade.php file-type or extension.


Testing & Debugging: When you created a web application with the Laravel, and want to test, you don't have to look at other places. The Laravel provides unit tests for the applications by default. It automatically tests and detects the issues that may damage the framework. When you created any application, by default- a phpunix.xml file will be created for this purpose.


Task Scheduling: On Laravel 5.0, you can schedule different tasks that you have in your mind to execute in a stack. The Artisan command-line utility makes this possible for this version.


So, now it's very much clear, Why Laravel Is Best PHP Framework! Though as a developer, our advice is to learn other languages and farmworks too, thus you can handle any types of client's requirements. It's not easy to satisfy the clients, and when you work with the Best Framework, it will be satisfactory for you and your client.