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What is SSL Certificate & Why We Need It For Our Business Website?


Significantly, when you are browsing the websites sometimes
you have noticed, the URL starting with http:// and some times its https:// and
it has a lock icon in front of it. Well in https:// the small 's' stands for
secure. Certainly, it represents an SSL or secure socket layer, which
represents the website in which you are now- is safe and secure.


The SSL is a certification, which is a digitally signed
file for a specific domain that you can obtain for free or buy one. But I do
not recommend going with the free unless you are the expert in the field. The
SSL certificate is valued differently for a different purpose, but it ensures
the safety for the visitors and the website owners. Any knowledgeable internet
user will not make any financial transaction on that website, that did not have
an SSL certification in it. With this said, today we will discuss, why a
Business Website will always require an SSL certification.


Why Business Websites Need SSL Certification:


Assurance And Trust: When visitors are putting their credit
card information if they notice you did not have an SSL certification, you will
not have any sale at all. An SSL certification will bring assurance and trust
for the website in the visitor's mind. So, for a business website, an SSL
certification is must required.


Authentication: An SSL certificate further grants
authentication for the website. That means you can be 100% sure that your data
is going where it is intended to be. Any website that has no SSL certification
can still your personal and financial data. But with the SSL authentication,
you will be safe.


Data Protection: An SSL certificate will help a website to
protect critical information like- passwords, personal account details,
financial details, credit card information, etc. It will help the data to be
encrypted and thus the data can be only be read by a specific server. The
encryption took place before submitting, and it decrypts itself on the server
when it matches the user's personal key. That way, the data will be protected
in a good manner.


Financial Transaction: So, when you have a business
website, you did not want to be part of losing your client's personal or
financial data while they are making the financial transaction. So, you need to
buy and apply the SSL certificate on your business website which will provide
better security while you are developing the website.


For SEO: Without the SSL certification, no matter how
costly the SEO pack you buy, it has less effect on your website. So, for the
SEO purpose, you should add an SSL certificate on your business website. SSL
can be used as a 'search ranking signal'.


Needed For Google Ranking: In 2018, to provide safer
internet experience, Google makes the SSL certificate mandatory, if any website
wants a Google ranking or wants to rank on the first page. If a website did not
have an SSL certification, they will never come in the top search result in
Google search, which is the maximum of web activities.


All things considered, now you understand why your business
website requires an SSL certification. Its not an investment to be overlooked.
When you are developing a website that may perform a financial transaction, you
should purchase the SSL certificate which ultimately provides your clients
peace of mind.