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What is Progressive Web Applications (PWA) & Why You Need it?


or 'Progressive web applications' are web-based pseudo mobile applications that
have the power to act like a native mobile app, but they can be created in less
time and money invested in the business. Since 2015 Google and Microsoft are
encouraging the Progressive web applications to be created for every website.
There is a reason behind it. Let's know them a little.


Why you
need Progressive web applications:


Less Investment: To develop native ios or android app, it will take up to $50k or
more depending on functionality. Later the maintenance cost will be added on
the top- per year. On the other hand, when you create a Progressive web
application for your website, it cost less money and have fewer maintenance


Faster Load Time: Not to mention, because of its loading on the browser-based
environment, so the PWA is very fast while loading. Even when you are down to a
2G network, the app will work smoothly.


Of course, just like a mobile version of your main website, the Progressive web
applications also act responsively. No matter what the mobile phone's screen
size is, it will adapt and display the website or app content it needed to be!


Speedy Navigation: In the same fashion, all Progressive web applications are created
that way thus the page navigation will be smooth. Scrolling through the app, go
up and down, visit different tab- these tasks are just buttery smooth. Some
times a PWA's scrolling can be better than the native app. On the contrary, consider
the Instagram app for the experiment and see for yourself.


Now the Progressive web applications are installable on your mobile
device. They did not take much space than the native similar app. They also act
like a native app by adding the 'splash screen' while the app startups. This
way you will have a cheap realistic native-like app that can be enough for you.


Offline Access: Progressive web applications also have offline data storage for later
using the feature. It uses the serviceworker.js and other resources combined to
catch the HTML files, CSS files, and images, thus they can be used later. To
put it differently, this data caching mechanism allows the PWAs to run faster
than any native app. Don't forget, a native app also carries other codings that
makes the app heavier.


It's Real: Like a native app, the Progressive web applications can also send push
notifications, to your home screen, have a real icon to launch, have offline
access, etc. All things considered, now a PWA can do similar like a native app,
but it costs a fraction. You may have money to create a mobile-friendly website
and a native app for approx $50k with an annual maintenance charge, but a small
business cant. In the long run, if the small business owner can create a
Progressive web application for the website, it will boost business.  Maybe not with a native app, but a PWA, in
either case, can have a win-win situation.


the PWA is not just a shortcut to your favorite website on the home screen,
they are more than that. If you are an owner of a business, you should need a
Progressive web application for your clients for maximum engagement. That way,
with minimum investment, you can keep the business in profit while others