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TheSoftKing WebHosting Comes With Free SSL by default


Now the COMODO SSL service is available at TheSoftKing! The aim is to provide free SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) certificates which are recognized by every browser, in a simple and automated way, via a trusted Vendor "COMODO".

Why SSL Gateway?

SSL Gateway combines security and simplicity. TheSoftKing configures and deploys your solution in a few minutes and a matter of clicks. Your certificate is renewed automatically to ensure it is always valid. You don't have to do a thing! TheSoftKing's website security expertise guarantees you the best level of security at all times, adapted to your needs and based on the current standards. As well as ensuring that all data transferred between a website and its users remain secure, these certificates also verify the identity of the owner of the website. In other words, a digital certificate guarantees that transfer to this website are secure: these certificates are known as DV (Domain Validated) certificates. Another advantage of having an HTTPS website is that it improves your Google ranking.

Free SSL by default

The "HTTPS" protocol establishes an encrypted link between your website visitor’s computer and the server that your website is hosted on, using an X509 (2048 bits and higher) certificate and TLS encryption. This reduces the risk of your bank details or personal information being intercepted, for example. If a padlock icon is shown in the navigation bar then your website is secure and authenticated by a recognized certificate authority.