Clinic Management System Bangladesh

Clinic Management System is powerful, flexible, and easy to use responsive platform. The system has control for all system modules thats enables you to develop your organization billing system and improve its effectiveness and quality.


Demo Front End
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Demo Back End
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Features Are Listed Below

Key Features
1. Fully Responsive. 
2. Create Patient System. 
3. Patient Test Management. 
4. Patient Billing (Create and print). 
5. Add / Edit Doctor Profile. 
6. Doctor Referer System.
7. Doctor Billing Section.
8. Add / Edit Doctor Reference percentage.
9. Add / Edit / Delete Medical Test.
10. Test Section Finance Management. 
11. Special Discount System. 
12. Fully Dynamic Control.
13. Invoice Create / Edit / Print.
14. Invoice Store For Future Use.
15. Add / Edit New Physician.
16. List Physician.
17. Manage Appointment.