Stock Inventory Management System Bangladesh

tock & Inventory Management System is an user friendly responsive System for maintaining any kinds of Business. Built with the modern technology. Manage All In and Out transactions based Items, Categories, Product, Stock, Sales and just what is needed and nothing more.


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Features Are Listed Below

Key Features
System Modules:

--  Category Modules. 
--  Product Modules. 
--  InStock Modules. 
--  Customer Modules. (For Service Center. Such: Mobile, Workshop, Watch)
--  Billing Modules. 
--  Showroom Modules. (For Big Business, Who Have Multiple Branch)
--  Employe Modules. (For Sale's Man, Branch Manager)

System Features:

--  ADD / Edit Categoty. 
--  List Categoty. 
--  ADD / Edit Product's. 
--  List Product. 
--  Set InStock Product Quantity. 
--  Add Customer.
--  List Customer.
--  Add / Edit / Delete Invoice.
--  Invoice Manager.
--  Invoice Print System. 
--  Discount System. 
--  Add / Edit Showroom.
--  List Showroom.
--  Handle Showroom Bill's.
--  Showroom Bill's Management.
--  Add Employe / Sale's Man / Branch Officer.
--  Manage Employe / Sale's Man / Branch Officer.
--  Manage Due Bill's.
--  Adjust Stock Quantity.
--  Customer Section.

Employe / Branch Features:

--  Check InStock Product List. 
--  List Product. 
--  Add Customer. 
--  List Customer. 
--  Invoice Generate. 
--  View Invoice.
--  DUE Invoice Manage.
--  Customer Manage.